Boating on Balsam Lake


Balsam Resort is located in a bay at the mouth of the Rosedale river on the southeast corner of Balsam Lake. Balsam Lake has the distinction of being the highest freshwater lake in the world that is accessible from the ocean .The lake is fed by the Gull River and descends to Lake Ontario in the southeast and Georgian Bay in the northeast. Balsam Lake is part of the historic Trent-Severn Waterway.

Balsam Lake is perfect for fishing but is also known for its water sports like wakeboarding,water skiing,tubing and other water activities including weed free swimming.

Balsam Lake is a great lake to discover with many interesting destinations on the lake.There are two towns that offer public docking they are Coboconk on the northeast corner and Rosedale on the southeast corner. The town of Coboconk offers gas,shopping and restaurants which are accessible with a short walk from the public dock.

The town of Rosedale offers two full service marinas with gas,pumpouts,sales and repairs.

The lake has a sandbar which is frequented by many boaters which is in the area known as Mackenzie Bay and is located in the north west corner of the lake.The sandbar is host to an annual Civic Holiday concert and boat show and is popular on most weekends throughout the summer.The sandbar is great mooring your boat and getting out in the sandy bay and playing a game of catch

There are many Islands on Balsam Lake of which the biggest is Grand Island.The islands are great to explore but also provide shelter on those windy days.

At Balsam Resort we offer Free Docking of Your Boat while you stay at the resort at our 120 ft dock.We also offer small fishing boats for rent on a daily basis.


Balsam Lake Facts

  • Size: 16 km long by average 3 km wide but its width varies due to the many large bays and the carve of the shoreline

  • Part of the historic TRENT SEVERN WATERWAY

  • Highest lake in the Trent Severn Waterway

  • Balsam Lake provincial park located on the lake